Client testimonials

"I could relate to so much ....... it resonated when she said about being clear about when you need to do something and when you're OK and feeling strong enough".

"It has made me reflect on being uncomfortable and that I avoid it ......... and acknowledging when you are vulnerable and asking for help when you need to".

"We all have the power within us to change - it's really made me think about how much I blame everyone else for things that happen".

"Amanda is the most genuine and caring person and it has been the most wonderful thing to talk to her when I needed support.  She found a way to get me to think about something very important in my life and utilise tools I already have within me.  I honestly couldn't ever thank her enough".  

"As a parent, one of the most difficult things is to see your children feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope.  So, when help is available it's instinctive to grab it with both hands and I am forever grateful for that.  It gave my boys a light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel.  Individually they learned to verbalise their emotions which, in turn, helped us all to work things through as a family.  They also felt less alone".

Qualifications, training and professional development


Member of British Psychological Society

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology - Upper second-class honours

Diploma of Higher Education in Psychology

Counselling and CBT Diploma - Level 4

Parents in Conflict

Working with Child Sexual Abuse

Certificate in Working with Families

Restorative Justice facilitator

Work with Parents - Level 3

Early Help - Understanding your Role

Deliberate Self-harm

Challenging Behaviour

Independent Visitor and Appropriate Adult

Child Exploitation - Level 3


Drug Awareness

'R U Ready?'