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 ALL services PRICED £20 PER HOUR.

Telephone support sessions at a time convenient to you.

Each session is one hour.

Can be single sessions, weekly or fortnightly.

Individual or mediated sessions at a time convenient to you.

Each session is one hour.

Can be single sessions, weekly or fortnightly.

Side by side walking sessions (wheelchair accessible routes and COVID-19 risk assessed).

Each session is one hour.

You can bring your dog if you wish.

Can be single sessions, weekly or fortnightly.



Conflict is something we all experience at some point in our lives, whether it's internal or with the people we love, like or work with.  If left unresolved conflict can leave you feeling angry, upset, anxious, confused and many other emotional responses.  It can also cause you to isolate yourself and not dealing with it can have negative effects on your emotional wellbeing.

Talkthisway offers individual or mediated sessions to help you either overcome the internal conflict you may be feeling about yourself, your feelings and/or behaviours, or to improve relationships with others.  This can include parents and teenagers, partners, loved ones, friends or work colleagues.

An additional element is the opportunity to do your talking whilst strolling the countryside or local area, through 'Walk this way', as not everyone enjoys face to face sessions in an office environment. (Routes can be wheelchair accessible and dogs are welcome).


I have over 14 years experience of supporting young people, adults and families and recognise how important a single conversation can be when people are open and honest.  Acknowledging our own thoughts and feelings can be life changing and by linking these to our own personal values, we can make positive changes to our lives.  

I have supported young people and their parents around issues such as anger management, anxiety, bullying, low mood, child exploitation, co-parenting and parent/child relationships.  

I am trained in restorative justice, coaching, leadership and have undergone counselling myself.  Additionally, I have been a guest speaker at the Springboard programme for women, which aims to motivate and support others to achieve their goals, where I openly spoke about my own life.

I am a graduate member of the British Psychological Society and achieved my Psychology degree whilst working full-time.  Please see the testimonials section for comments on the service as well as my credentials.

Amanda Conolly BSc (Hons) Psych (Open), MBPsS



Please contact via email at or message via Facebook/Instagram.

Alternatively, please use the contact form to provide a telephone number to arrange an initial free consultation.

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